Rebreather Event ORCA Dive Club Safaga

The ORCA Dive Club Safaga offers this year from 22.06.-29.06.2017 a sensational Dive Event. As in previous years, the ORCA Dive Club Safaga hosts a rebreather event that is unique to the Red Sea. This event is supported by some well-known manufacturers, associations and the specialized press. This is the opportunity for every diver to discover something new and to make contacts. You will enjoy the best Rebreather diving for a week and more with like-minded divers, using the facilities and support of one of the world's best rebreather dive centre. We offer wreck and drop off dives, beautiful coral reefs, trydives on various rebreathers and a constant exchange with manufacturers and training organizations on our dive boats.

It is rounded off by evening presentations, which focus on the innovations on the rebreather market as well as computers, torches, photography, etc.

Rebreather divers

5 dive days (10 dives), VG tanks and O2 tanks, O2 and air VG fillings, sofnolime (797), bail-out tanks, bail-out nitrox (up to 40%), T-shirt and last night "All you can eat" -BBQ.

Package price 560, - € All Inclusive!


Non Rebreather divers

5 dive days (10 dives) 15 Ltr. Nitrox 32%

Rebreather Try Dives, T-shirt and the last night an "All you can eat" BBQ

Package price 365, - € All Inclusive!

Prices excl. Transfer / helium