360 degree tours ORCA Dive Clubs

With our 360 degree tours we bring you directly into our ORCA Dive Clubs or under water. Currently only the tours through our ORCA Dive Clubs on the Red Sea in Egypt.

Go ahead on the visual discovery tour and experience the ORCA Dive Clubs in 360.

We take you from the sofa directly to our Diving Center and the Red Sea - no arrival and departure - whenever you want.
Experience even more intense 360 ° with the additional VR glasses function.

The virtual holiday preparation.

We welcome you to our ORCA Dive Clubs.

Start your tour from north to south:

ORCA Dive Club El Gouna
ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay
ORCA Dive Club Safaga
ORCA Dive Club Coral Garden
ORCA Dive Club Tulip
ORCA Dive Club Concorde Moreen Beach
ORCA Dive Club Wadi Lahmy Azur