Flores, which is located east of Bali, is one of the larger islands among the Lesser Sunda Islands. The easternmost town of the island, Labuan Bajo has evolved into a major hot spot for divers in Indonesia in recent years. The Komodo National Park, to which the underwater world belongs to, is one of currently only three in the Coral Triangle, the area with the largest biodiversity worldwide. From the " Hotel Jaykarta Suites Komodo Flores", the home of the local ORCA Dive Club is also just a stone's throw away form the islands of Komodo and Rinca, where the largest lizards in the world live.

ORCA Dive Club

The ORCA Dive Club is well equipped with 20 equipment sets. For excursions between Flores and Komodo, the divers have access to 100 aluminium bottles with DIN connections, which can be filled quickly with a high performance Coltri compressor. In contrast to other ORCA Dive Clubs, no Nitrox is available at Flores.

Dive sites and diving boats

The ORCA Dive Club has a private, 18-metre boat with which the dive sites around the west of Flores are accessed. Spectacular dives with manta rays or sharks are possible here all year round. The Strait of Komodo is known for its great diversity. However, strong currents have to be expected at some dive sites.