Santta Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura

The small town Santa Teresa Gallura is located in the far north of Sardinia. This is where the ferry terminal to Corsica is located - and the diving boats which allow you to explore the waters of Sardinia's north. ORCA Dive Club is located directly in the harbour. It's just 20 metres to reach the boat and the dinghy.

ORCA Dive Club

A powerful Bauer compressor, which can quickly fill the 70 steel tanks with 12 or 15 litres capacity, is available in the conveniently located base. A Nitrox unit provides enriched breathing mixes. If you come without equipment, then you are able to choose between 15 complete equipment sets.

Dive sites and diving boats

Dives in Sardinia are mostly done from the boat. For nearby dive sites which can be accessed within a few minutes, a dinghy is available; day tours on a boat are made to access slightly more distant places. The Zodiac can accommodate eight divers, the big boat 20. A total of around 20 dive sites are accessed from Santa Teresa Gallura including two wrecks, which can be dived as well.