Golden Tulip
The Royal Tulip Beach Resort and Tulip Magic Resort are located just 15 minutes south of the new port city Port Gahleb and they boasts a very special attraction: The allegedly longest jetty in the Red Sea. Indeed, the jetty runs along for more than 700 metres above the roof of the coral right up to an impressive steep reef, which is one of the most beautiful in the south of Egypt.

ORCA Dive Club

The divers have access to 70 aluminium tanks ranging in size from 12 to 15 litres. There are also three 8-litre bottles for our young divers. Those who arrive without their own equipment, can choose from 20 complete rental equipment sets. Two powerful compressors (350 and 450 l/m) provide the necessary compressed air. The Nitrox is produced in a unit which provides 450 l/m.

Diving boats and dive sites

The resort owned drop-off-reef is a true sensation. Still, there is yet much more to see. Abu Dabab is not far away and that means that it is quite probable to encounter a dugong, a Red Sea manatee. Mighty sea turtles feed in the extensive seagrass beds between Port Ghaleb and Marsa Alam and sometimes, you may even find cookiecutter sharks hiding.  These dive sites are either accessed with base-owned boat or with the mini bus. With the boat, trips are also made to such spectacular dive sites like Elphinstone.

360° Panorama

Enjoy the 360 ° tour through our ORCA Dive Club and dive into the Red Sea. If you have a VR glasses and want to have a full view, please click here: 360° panorama