SSI online training

Nitrox 32%

Register for this course at any ORCA Dive Club of your choice.

After registration, you will be able to learn the individual chapters, meet with your instructor for approximately 1-hour, take the exam and sign the training record. After achieving all the steps online you will receive the digital Nitrox32 certificate.

If you already worked through Chapter 4 during the online training and passed the Nitrox40 online exam, then you can participate in a practical Nitrox workshop for free during your next diving holiday at your ORCA dive center.

You will receive the Nitrox40 digital certification at no additional costs and if you also want to have a certificate card, you can get that at the diving center for a fee.

Price including digital certificate Nitrox32, Nitrox40 and practical workshop (for an unlimited period of time) = 99,00 EUR

Use the benefits of Nitrox for your later dives: dive safer and minimize health risks.

Ecology programs:

Coral identification

Fish identification

Sea Turtle ecology

Shark ecology

Manta & Ray ecology

Marine ecology

Register for individual courses directly at one of your ORCA Dive Clubs of your choice, online training, online meeting and exam.

Price per course including digital certificate = 79. 00 EUR

The main objective of those ecology programs is to help you to understand the underwater world better and interpret the behavior of fish, sharks, manta rays and turtles.

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