Freedive Event with Nik Linder

Nikolay "Nik" Linder is a German apnea diver who has several world and German records.

These are his words about this fascinating sport:

Apnea or freediving , these designations describe not only the same sport but also the same desire; the desire for freedom.

Freediving is easily described as the ability to dive underwater as long, deep or as far as possible with one breath and without technical aids. But freediving is much more than this. Freediving is an art of living.

The path to freediving is an exciting and continuous learning process that takes you not only to your physical limits but also deep into the inner of your being.

As you travel to your interior, you will reach dimensions that you didn't know it existed. Surrounded by perfect blue water as far as your eye can see, you will learn to understand and speak your body's language..

You'll learn to lower your heartbeat, completely relax your body and mind and escape your need for breathing for a moment. At this moment, in the infinite expanse of the underwater world, it seems that time and space no longer play a role.