10th Rebreather Event „Silent week“

Rebreather divers, rebreather enthusiasts, manufacturers and diving associations meet again in Safaga, Egypt, at the ORCA Dive Club for Silent Week.

This event celebrates its 10th anniversary meanwhile an established event in the international world of rebreather divers. Silent Week is also one of the largest “Rebreathers Only”event in the world. The aim of the event is to bring together rebreather divers and manufacturers to exchange experiences, test new equipment and try dives, as well as to conduct experience dives. As well as bringing interested people closer to the world of Rebreather diving.

The event takes place from 20. 06. to 26. 06. 2019

The offer for rebreather divers with their own equipment:

5 days diving, incl. O2, Stage, dive sorb, T-shirt and BBQ

online price 580,00 Euro.


For interested divers:

5 days diving incl. 15 liter tank, T-shirt, try dives rebreather and BBQ,

online price 375,00 EUR


Sign in to the 10th Rebreather Event in the ORCA Dive Club Safaga at the Red Sea

Further information and bookings via: info@orca-diveclub-safaga. com