RELAQUA - the new relaxation concept

Do you feel stressed from everyday life? Then find your way to your total relaxation through our new concept - RELAQUA

RELAQUA - the new relaxation concept at  ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay

Breathing, floating, meditation in the water, yoga, pranayama, muscle relaxation, and freediving in the sea, not for the one who is hunting for records, just pure relaxation.

Our new Relaqua trainer Hanna shows you these techniques either in a complete 5 day event or parts of it as a daily course

Of course our trainer have learned from the master of Relaqua himself, Nik Linder.

Price for the 5 days event: 350,- €

Price per day course: 85,- €

Booking directly via ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay: or