30 years ORCA Dive Clubs

It all started in 1991, when ORCA opened its first dive center in Hor-Palace Hotel in Hurghada.

After 4 years in Hurghada, we moved to Safaga and in the following years more ORCA Dive Clubs emerged in Egypt, Mauritius, Bali, Komodo/Flores and Sardinia. Followed by the takeover of Coral Garden Resort and ORCA Village in Safaga.

Especially in Egypt it was a constant up and down but nothing exceeded the worldwide Corona Pandemic. Despite all circumstances we would like to celebrate our 30th anniversary with you.

Anniversary week from 25.11. until 02.12.2021 worldwide

Anniversary week from 13.09. until 18.09..2021 in Rosenheim, Germany


In the week from 25.11 until 02.12.2021 you receive 50% discount on all diving courses and packages in all our ORCA Dive Clubs.

Competition time:

Starting from 01.07. until 24.11.2021 you can send us your photos from your visit at any ORCA Dive Club. Every month we will preselect photos which will participate in the raffle on 02.12.2021. The monthly preselected photos will be made public on our social media accounts.

The pictures should make clear that it was taken at an ORCA Dive Center, even pictures of ORCA staff (also former) are welcome.

Photos can be sent via email to info@orca-diveclubs.com or via postal mail to:

ORCA Sport&Reisen, Steinbökstr. 4, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

The raffle will take place on 02.12.2021 in Rosenheim with representatives of the sponsors like Mares/SSI/Orca Explorer/Actionsport

To be won: 

1x week in Orca Village or Coral Garden Resort including flights and diving for two persons

1x week in Orca Village or Coral Garden Resort including diving for two persons

1x 5 Days Non Limit house reef package for two persons

1x Holiday&Dive Travel voucher 

And further non cash-prizes

Obviously we also want to celebrate with a Beach Party in all ORCA Dive Clubs simultaneously on 30.11.2021 and a Summer festival in Rosenheim on 18.09.2021

Anniversary week in Rosenheim will also have special offer for diving equipment.

Also we will issue a 30-year special edition T-shirt for sale in September.