Free diving week in Mauritius

A unique freedive event is taking place at the holiday paradies of Mauritius. Every year in April, the sperm whales are passing by at the coast of Mauritius.The two freedive specialists Fred Buyle and Nik Linder, along with the well-known photographer Gerald Nowak, will try to make breathtaking shots of sperm whales in the first week of April 2019.

From April 7th to 13th Fred and Nik will be at the full disposal of the participants

The Event:

The five days free diving week on Mauritius is an intensive mix from freedives and work shops. Fred Buyle will share his knowledge of underwater photographie. Briefings, debriefings and personal support of the participants.
He will also show the how to prepare before you start your free dive, stretching, nutrition and mental work. Fred Buyle is active in the research and documentation of marine animals such as sharks, dolphins, whales and much more. His work is the basis of various research projects and international film projects all over the world. Especially his knowledge of "real life" freediving, e.g. freediving in the open water without a robe and how to deal with waves and currents are part of the freediving week and will be tried out at the spectacular wrecks on spot.

Early morning with the beautiful sunrise starting the day with half an hour Pranayama breathing exercises. Nik Linder conveys the facination of conscious breathing as a key factor for a better health and as a tool of deep relaxation and meditation. In his deep diving and pressure equalization work shop he is sharing his acknowledge with the participatians and how to prepare your deep diving with yoga and streching excercises.

Together Fred and Nik are preparing each participatian individual fort he free dives on spot.
If requested they also offer trainings session in the pool as well as presenation of Fred Buyle’s projects.

Event week: 07.04 till 13.04.2019
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Price per person: 350,- €