News from the ORCA Dive Club Tulip

First one, then two, and now one again! The Tulip Resort is always good for a surprise, after the breakup and then “the wall" between the Tulip Magic Resort and the Royal Tulip Beach. We are pleased to report “the wall” has now fallen, and both hotels are united again under one management!

At the moment, the old ORCA Tulip base manager Uwe Nobis and the new ORCA base manager Markus Baumgartner, are working happily together for the time being. However, Uwe will retire at the end of February and Markus will then manage both Tulip bases together.

Uwe who started at ORCA in September 2015, first with one season as a base manager in Oman and then from July 2016, as the base manager at the Tulip Resort.

Markus began his diving career in Egypt and worked at dive centres in Malta, the Maldives, and then almost 16 years of the Caribbean and now back again to Egypt as the manager of the Tulip Resort Marsa Alam.

We would like to thank Uwe for his loyalty and excellent cooperation and we wish him all the best for his well earned retirement.

We also wish Markus huge success and fun in his new job and greatly look forward to working together. Good luck both Uwe and Markus.