Mares Testcenter Freediving Soma Bay

Nik Linder is one of the most famous and creative Freedivers in the world and for some years now, he has offered Freediving weeks at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay. This is where the idea of ??the ORCA Freediving Academy has come about and so has been a natural and easy step for us all. Nik is a multiple record diver, book author, Apnea diver and inventor of Relaqua® - the concept of relaxation and stress reduction in the water, using special breathing and meditation techniques for Freedivers. Nik is also a great teacher and Instructor. Please come and join him!

Initially, the ORCA Freediving Academy will be active in Egypt. For this reason, the Egyptian Freediver Champion and Apnea diver, Passante Adel, will join our ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay team. Also joining us, will be Hanna Gorges. Hanna is a Freediving Instructor and Relaqua® Instructor and above all, active in the field of recreational Freediving and stress reduction. 

All Freedivers will now have the opportunity to also visit the newly created Mares Test Centre at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay.  Freediver students and all scuba license card holders will have the opportunity to test Mares equipment on-site. There will of course be our normal dive rental equipment service available but with the new Mares Test Centre, we will have a special focus on the use of carbon fibre and mono fins. Please come and try this new service out.

After Egypt, a ORCA Freediving Academy will be built on Mauritius. Please watch this space for further details and updates.