RELAQUA with Nik Linder

For the second time at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay: Relaqua week with Nik Linder from 29.08. until 05.09.2019 Relaqua week in Egypt.

Soma Bay at the Breakers hotel with ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay Early morning with the beautiful sunrise we start our day with Pranayama breathing exercises.
After that we continue with Yoga and Asanas exercises to make the body more flexible so that we can make better use of our potential. At midday we go into the sea water do our freediving combined with meditation (Relaqua).
All 5 days are filled with relaxation and yoga exercises under and above water. It includes courses as „conscious breathing“, „progressive muscle relaxation“, „ no stress“ and of course discovering the beautiful underwater world by freediving at the house reef and boat.
Event period: 29.08. – 05.09.2019

The price for 5 days relaxation, fun in the water, meditation, yoga and a lot more: 350,- € incl. certification of participation.

You have also the possibilities to book only a single course day for 85,- €

For more information/booking please contact us.