Rebreather Adventure of Milena

Rebreather diving in the Red Sea with the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay, from beginner to professional, courses and the annual mega event: Silence week at the ORCA Dive Club Safaga.

Part 2 of the success story "Diving with the Hollis EXPLORER", the first film by Martin Helmers about rebreather diving. Since her first rebreather course 4 years ago, Milena an enthusiastiv diver wants to upgrade her knowledge.
After her arrival at the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay she is amazed that there are now more and more enthusiastic rebreather diver.

She came just right for the 9th Silent Week, the rebreather event at ORCA Dive Club Safaga.

In the week from 21 to 28 June 2018, nearly 40 rebreather divers from 5 nations met to explore the underwater world of the Red Sea around Safaga together without bubbles.

Everyone agrees, that we meet again for the 10th Rebreather Event, the anniversairy Silent Week from 20 to 27 June 2019.

Under the following link you can find Milena’s adventure (in German)