Holiday in Egypt despite travel warning?

The Federal Foreign Office continues to warn against unnecessary travel to Egypt. The warning is not a ban but affects the terms of the insurance liability law in Germany. The decision to enter the country or areas concerned is left to the individual.

At the moment there are the following options to travel from Germany to Egypt:
Hurghada directly with Condor from Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf
Hurghada directly with Edelweiß via Zurich
Hurghada via Istanbul with Pegasus and Turkish Airlines
Hurghada via Cairo with Egyptair
Marsa Alam directly with Edelweiss via Zurich
This can change any time.

Starting from 01.05.2021 25 USD have to be paid as a Visa fee.

When arriving in Hurghada and Marsa Alam a negative COVID-19 PCR test must be presented, which must not be older than 72 hours. The test must be in English or Arabic. If there is no COVID test, the test can be carried out immediately upon arrival at the airport. The waiting time for the result is between 1 to 2 days and until then there is a mandatory quarantine (notice from the Federal Foreign Office), notification of the result is only given if the test is positive. However, the quarantine is handled differently depending on the destination.
For flights via Cairo or Istanbul, the test is checked or carried out at the destination airport. Cost of the COVID-19 PCR test $ 30.00.

In addition to the usual entry card, a COVID questionnaire must be filled out and handed in when you leave the aircraft. The most important question in this COVID questionnaire is a valid international health insurance (including COVID coverage), which must be given with name and insurance number.

On arrival at the airport, the body temperature is also measured and the suitcase is disinfected on the baggage carousel.

Important note: Please check your travel insurance whether it pays for an existing travel warning, especially in the case of COVID illness abroad.
It is also important whether the costs of a quarantine abroad are covered.

Information about COVID rules when diving can be found on our website