ORCA Resorts
In der Regel arbeiten die ORCA Dive Clubs an den jeweiligen Orten eng mit einem Hotel oder Resort zusammen. Meist befindet sich auf dem Gelände der Ferienanlage auch der ORCA Dive Club. Es gibt allerdings zwei Ausnahmen. In Safaga und in Coral Garden betreibt ORCA nicht nur die Tauchbasen, sondern auch das dazugehörige Resort.
Both sites also reflect ORCA's idea that everything should be about diving. Not everyone likes constant background music in an endless loop. Also forced fun from happy and motivated hosts is not everybody's cup of tea. And many divers can also happily do without hammering disco beats late into the night.Therefore, many of our guests are happy for the offering that ORCA provides with these two resorts.
There are always two aspects we focus on: For one: Quiet, slowing down and relaxation And also: The distances to the diving centre and water should be as small as possible.