Offers for beginners

As of the age of 8, it is already possible to enjoy diving. A programme specifically designed for children is available using the PADI-Bubblemaker. You can book a taster course from the Scuba-Diver-Programme if you only want to try and see if diving is something you may enjoy.

The "Open Water Diver" course, which is offered by PADI and SSI, leads to a worldwide recognised certification also referred to as a diving license. Furthermore, it is also possible to take the exam for VDST-Bronze Diver (CMAS*). Our ORCA Diving Centres have refresher courses on offer for those of you who have already completed a course, but have not been diving for a while and feel a bit unsure about restarting.


Is it possible for children to learn diving? Yes, we offer specific PADI-Bubblemaker courses. Minimum age is 8 years. Special equipment which is suitable for kids is available and maximum diving depth is two meters.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Content and process: Basic theoretical course, 1 taster dive in the sea, maximum 2 meters depth.    
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 8 years old

Discover Scuba

Diving - yes or no? A "Discover Scuba" taster course can help you make this decision.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Content and process:  A short theory lesson - explanation on the equipment,1 dive in limited open water. 
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 12 years old


The preliminary stage to become a licensed diver. The course allows you to dive within a limited scope in company of a diving instructor, dive guide or assistant.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: 1st Day: Swimming test, dives in limited open water, theory, work through the review questions (quiz). 2nd Day: Dives in limited open water, open water dives at the house reef, theory work through the review questions (quiz), final exam & certification.  
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 10 years old 

Upgrade Scuba-Diver

You completed the Scuba-Diver and discovered your love for diving? This two-day course enables you to achieve the grade of fully-fledged Open-Water-Diver.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: Theory, pool and 2 open water dives    
Voraussetzungen: Scuba-Diver

Open-Water Referral (PADI/SSI)

Do you have some diving experience, but you don't have the necessary certification? Your abilities will be tested in a compact course and at the end you will be certified as Open-Water-Diver.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: 4 open water dives     
Prerequisites: Theoretical and practical previous experience, medical certificate to attest fitness for diving

Open-Water-Diver (SSI/PADI)

With this 4-day course, you will achieve a classic scuba diving certification which allows you to dive all over the world. 

Duration: 4 days
Content and process:  Theoretical course (5 modules), 2 days learning diving skills in limited open water, 2 days completion of 4 open water dives.
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 12 years old, an extra course is on offer for children aged between 10 and 12,medical certificate to attest fitness for diving.


If you haven't been diving for a while, then we are happy to offer you a refresher course.

Duration: 1 day
Content and process: A pool lesson, a dive 
Prerequisites:  Diving license

Certification and Manual

60 Euro are charged for teaching materials and certification.