Freediving with the ORCA Dive Club Freediving Academy Nik Linder

Apnea or freediving is the oldest and most original form of diving. For example, apnea divers have collected shells, sponges and pearls back in the Stone Age. The underwater hunt for fish with spears - the spearfishing - is still operated today and represents the world's largest distribution form of apnea diving. In addition, freediving is operated as a leisure activity and as a diving sport to extreme sports. In the leisure sector, it is mainly about the exploration of the underwater world and the general conditioning for scuba diving. In competitive sports, on the other hand, targeted training always strives for longer apnea times or distance and depth performances.

There are 2 different disciplines, pool and deep diving:

Diving (Static / STA)
Diving with fins (Dynamic with fins / DYN)
Diving without fins (Dynamic without fins / DNF)
Trail diving by time (Speed Endurance Apnoea)

Deep dive with constant weight without fins (Constant weight without fins / CNF)
Deep dive with constant weight with fins (Constant weight / CWT)
Free Immersion / Immersion Libre (FIM)
Deep diving with variable weight (Variable weight / VWT)
No Limit (NLT)

Freediving at ORCA in the Freedive Academy Nik Linder is primarily about recreational activity, experiencing the freedom of the underwater world without technical aids and the peace of the underwater world. More and more divers and non-divers are discovering the benefits of freediving.

And of course the whole year 2019 freediving with Hanna in our egyptian ORCA Dive Clubs and with Nico in the ORCA Dive Club Mauritius.