Relaqua® is a relaxation concept that has its origins in freediving. The art of the freediver is to be able to relax to the point. He uses various techniques, such as meditation, the diving reflex, yoga and especially pranayama, the breathing part of yoga.

This is an endogenous relaxation mechanism. The so-called immersion reflex ensures that as soon as the human is no longer breathing and lies face down in the water, various adjustments in the body occur. On the one hand, the pulse falls, on the other hand, oxygen-rich blood is transported to the brain and lungs. The spleen releases more red blood cells, which provide for improved oxygen transport. Humans therefore have an endogenous relaxation mechanism as soon as they hold their breath in the water.

The common thread through all courses of the Relaqua program is the conscious breath. Here are techniques from the pranayama, the breathing part of yoga used. Breathing helps us in a short time to relax, to increase our ability to concentrate, to purify our lungs and much more. In yoga, the term "stopping air" is replaced by "breathing space". If you take a break from breathing, you will open your window inward and be much more receptive to meditation.

The water is elemental component. In the water, floating exercises are combined with breathing pauses and meditation. Deep relaxation in the water is particularly easy to achieve. The body is weightless and the dominant senses, such as seeing and hearing, are turned off or weakened. In this environment and due to the effect of the dive reflex, the calm and mindfulness meditation is particularly easy.

Dates Relaqua:
20.06.-27.06.2019 ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay with Roger Michel
29.08.-05.09.2019 ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay with Nik Linder

And also the whole year Relaqua with Hanna in our egyptian ORCA Dive Clubs