The A.P. Inspiration or Evolution has become a classic among rebreathers.  A very sophisticated unit, which is proved since years  in  day to day diving activities . It is an extremely versatile device that is suitable for beginners in recreational diving as well as for  ambitious advanced divers who want to perform also decompression dives with mixed gases.

Evolution/ Inspiration

The IANTD CCR Diver is is the entry level training programme for the APD range of CCR's. The major advantages of closed circuit rebreather diving is bubblless operation, warm moist breathing air almost eliminating the risk of decompression sickness, a constant PO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) you have a guaranteed best mix regardless of your depth. Add to this the extended no-decompression times, and shorter decompression schedules, with superior efficient gas consumption, you will realise why more and more divers are seeking rebreather training. During this 5 day programme you will be educated in all aspects of correct operation of your rebreather. This will include 1 confined water session and a min. of 8 open water dives where you will repeat and learn new skills for rebreather survival under the direct supervision of your instructor. On satisfactory completion of training you will be able to dive to a max. depth of 42m when using air as a diluent and 48m when using trimix as a diluent with a max. decompression time of 15min.


Min.18 years old, Nitrox 40%, Padi AOWD/CMAS*, min. 50 logged dives