The JJ - CCR rebreather is a simple, robust and adaptable unit which can be configured and customized for all variants of diving. Ranging from sport diving to technical trimix diving.

It is an extremely all around unit, ideal for beginners and advanced CCR divers .

IART JJ User Kurs Level 1

With the JJ Rebreather, Orca Dive Club Safaga offers an additional rebreather course. The JJ Rebreather is a compact but robust rebreather unit, which is suitable for beginners in rebreather diving as well as experienced CCR divers.During this 5 day program you will be educated in all aspects of correct operation of your rebreather. This will include 1 confined water session and a min. of 8 open water dives where you will repeat and learn new skills for rebreather survival under the direct supervision of your instructor. On satisfactory completion of training you will be able to dive to a max. depth of 40m when using air as a diluent .As certified CCR JJ user you can alowed to dive and to bay a JJ unit. 

Course Outline

12 hours of theory
1 Confined Water Dive
8 Open Water Dives


Min. 18 years old
Advanced Open Water/CMAS 2*
Min. 50 logged dives
Nitrox Certification


Incl. CCR rental/Absorbent/Divebox
excl. 70 Euro IART certification