Far from the tourist crowds, in the north of Bali, the small town of Lovina is located close to the former colonial capital of Singaraja. There is also a Puri Bagus Hotel, a complex in the middle of a wonderful palm garden. ORCA Dive Clubs operates one of its smallest diving centres here, but it still offers something quite amazing.

ORCA Dive Club

The base has 12 complete equipment sets for hire. 25 bottles with 12 litres each ensure that you can dive for a long time, a powerful compressor provides the necessary air. All tanks are equipped with DIN connectors. There are adapters for INT. A Nitrox unit provides the preferred air mixture.

Diving boats and dive sites

A dive site is located right in front of the door. You don't even need a boat to get there, you can simply snorkel there. The reef is well covered and drops to about 30 meters. Highlight is a coral cultivation project, where the aim is to develop new life on Balinese statues of gods. Lovina is ideal for further trips, because it is located exactly halfway between Tulamben and Menjangang, two of the absolute highlights for diving on Bali. For dives close to the base, there are the traditional small outrigger boats that fishermen use, larger boats are chartered for trips to Menjangang.