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Reopening Coral Garden Resort/Egypt
Plan May 1st, 2021
After a long and compulsory break - reopening plan May 1st, 2021 Read more
Information and prices for PCR tests in Egypt
Entry into Germany on return from Egypt - PCR test in Egypt Read more
Freedive Event with Nik Linder
Starting from 14.10 till 21.10.2021 and 09.12. till 16.12.2021 Course price 350,00 EUR
At this moment, in the infinite expanse of the underwater world, it seems that time and space no longer play a role. Join us at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay ! Read more
Free Digital Marine Ecology program
For everyone interested in the sea - even without diving knowledge - completely free of charge! Read more
Special offer Concorde Moreen Beach
Valid for trips from 16.01.2021 till 30.04.2021 (last day of departure)
A sign announces "Here begins the stress free zone" upon entering the Concorde Moreen, a five-star resort about halfway between Port Ghaleb and Marsa Alam. Here one of the more recently established ORCA diving centres is based. It works closely with the nearby base at the Golden Tulip, so that certain dive sites and a part of the infrastructure can be shared. Read more
Special Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort
Valid for trips from 18.01.2021 to 30.04.2021 (last day of departure)
Enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert, far away from the hustle and bustle and restrictions, dive carefree on the house reef, in the ORCA Dive Club Wadi Lahmy in Hamata, deep in the south of Egypt. We have a great offer until 30.04.2021 ........ Read more
Special Royal Tulip Beach Resort Marsa Alam
Valid for trips from 11.02.2021 till 31.05.2021 (last departure day)
Escape winter and everything else, head south to the Royal Tulip Beach Resort. Experience the beauty of the house reef at the end of the long jetty, dive into the silent world. Till May 2021 we have a great special offer ...... Read more
ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay
Valid for trips from 22.01.2021 to 31.08.2021 (last departure date)
Desire and time for whale shark and manta? Maybe you are as lucky as some diving groups in the last days of September, whale shark and two times manta ray on the house reef of the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay. Get to Soma Bay, welcome home at Breakers and the ORCA Dive Club. For January 2021 till end of August 2021 we have another great special offer ..... Read more
Holiday in Egypt despite travel warning?
as of 02.11.2020 - changes possible at any time
The Federal Foreign Office continues to warn against unnecessary travel to Egypt. The warning is not a ban but affects the terms of the insurance liability law in Germany. The decision to enter the country or areas concerned is left to the individual. Read more
SSI online training
Register for individual courses directly at one of your ORCA Dive Clubs
Do you miss diving? Unfortunately, we can't bring you closer to the underwater world YET. Until then you can increase your diving knowledge with the different SSI online programs: Read more
Searching the next holiday destination?
Holiday & Dive
Good value holiday trips are easy to find but does it fit my expectations? Is the choosen holiday destination the right one for me? Are the dive sites as I hope? Good if you can ask somebody….Holiday & Dive Read more
ORCA Dive Clubs Hotline in Germany
Hotline +49 8031 381979
Questions about your next diving holiday? What do I learn in the diving courses? How can I continue my diving education? What is the best time to travel? ? Call us….we speak english Read more
RELAQUA - the new relaxation concept
Do you feel stressed from everyday life? Then find your way to your total relaxation through our new concept - RELAQUA Read more