Wadi Lahmy
In the far south, where Egypt ends from a tourist point of view, you will find Hamata. From here, it's only about ten minutes to Wadi Lahmy. In Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort, ORCA has set up its southernmost base. If you come here, you want to experience some special diving - and you get just that, literally on the doorstep.

ORCA Dive Club

The dive centre has been designed by ORCA itself and so 25 years of experience have been incorporated here. Two Bauer compressors ensure that the 250 steel tanks are always well filled. Also a Nitrox unit is one of the facilities of the base. Rental equipment is also sufficiently available, also equipment for children.

Diving boats and dive sites

The house reef at Wadi Lahmy Azur is not only the largest, but also one the most magnificent in Egypt. Competition is, however, fierce.

The ORCA Dive Club boats need between 45 minutes and 2,5 hours from Hamata port to the legendary Fury Shoals. Many divers believe the reef group of the Fury Shoals to be one of the most beautiful diving areas in the entire Red Sea.

360° Panorama

Enjoy the 360 ° tour through our ORCA Dive Club and dive into the Red Sea. If you have a VR glasses and want to have a full view, please click here: 360° panorama