Coral Garden
A small resort with a bay only for divers - it sounds like a wonderful dream but is the reality at Coral Garden. The bungalow resort in Gassous Bay with 32 rooms is managed by ORCA and has been tailor-made for the needs of divers. The unique entertainment programme is garden chess. Those of you, who want to have peace and quiet - apart from diving naturally - have come to the right place.

ORCA Dive Club

There is probably no diving centre in Egypt that has a shorter distance into the water than Coral Garden. 20 complete equipment sets are available for loan, 120 twelve and fifteen litres steel bottles are available to the divers. In addition to a Bauer compressor, that achieves 340 l/min, there is also a unit that provides Nitrox.

Diving boats and dive sites

It's only a few steps into the water from the base. At only five metres, divers will find a large seagrass bed. If you are lucky, you will encounter one of at least three seahorses who live there. The reefs into the bay slope steeply in the north and south and enable fantastic dives. Furthermore, we also offer trips with the minibus to additional rather lonely dive sites between Coral Garden and El Quesier. Boat trips to the outer reefs at Safaga are also possible for guests at Coral Garden.

360° Panorama

Enjoy the 360 ° tour through our ORCA Dive Club and dive into the Red Sea. If you have a VR glasses and want to have a full view, please click here: 360° panorama