Concorde Moreen
A sign announces "Here begins the stress free zone" upon entering the Concorde Moreen, a five-star resort about halfway between Port Ghaleb and Marsa Alam. Here one of the more recently established ORCA diving centres is based. It works closely with the nearby base at the Golden Tulip, so that certain dive sites and a part of the infrastructure can be shared.

ORCA Dive Club

At the base of Concorde Moreen the motto is easy diving. The equipment is brought to the access with an electric golf cart. Two powerful compressors perform their service here. Nitrox is also on offer. Rental equipment sets are available in sufficient numbers. Dives are done with aluminium bottles of 12 or 15 litres. Provisions are also made for children. There are smaller 8 - or 10-litre bottles for them.

Diving boats and dive sites

The house reef in the bay of Abi Dabour is already a highlight. You can access the water either from the 40 metre long jetty or directly from the beach were a small canon leads to the actual reef.

The dive boat for trips to the legendary Elphinstone or Shaab Samadai is located in Marsa Alam. The minibus takes you to Abu Dabab, where you always have the chance to encounter a dugong, large turtles or cookiecutter sharks.

360° Panorama

Enjoy the 360 ° tour through our ORCA Dive Club and dive into the Red Sea. If you have a VR glasses and want to have a full view, please click here: 360° panorama