Safaga is one of the oldest and most important port cities at the Red Sea. Nevertheless, it is significantly quieter here than in the hectic tourist city of Hurghada, located 60 kilometres north of Safaga. From the airport, it takes just over half an hour to ORCA village which can be found just outside of Safaga. The small resort is operated by ORCA itself and has been designed for divers.

ORCA Dive Club

The ORCA Dive Club in Safaga is something like the mother of all ORCA bases by the Red Sea. 150 alu tanks with 12 - and 15-litres and 20 steel tanks are available to the divers. And with 50 rental equipment sets it is possible for every diver to find something in his/her size. A membrane system which provides 800 litres Nitrox per minute, as well as four other Bauer compressors (350 l/min and 600 l/min) ensure that there is always enough air or breathing gas available in Safaga. In case of an emergency, it is even possible to provide the neighbouring bases.

Technical diving has an important place at the base. Rebreathers can be serviced in the technical workshop. There are also always enough different gases available to satisfy the different needs of any technical divers.

Diving boats and diving destinations

The three spacious dive boats from ORCA are moored at our own jetty, immediately adjacent to the diving centre. They are used to access the inner reefs around Tobia, but even more so the outer reefs. Highlights include the panoramic reef, which already has the characteristics of an offshore reef, Middle Reef and Abu Kafan. Famous is also the wreck of the 1991 sunken ferry Salem Express.

360° Panorama

Enjoy the 360 ° tour through our ORCA Dive Club and dive into the Red Sea. If you have a VR glasses and want to have a full view, please click here: 360° panorama