Relaqua week with Nik Linder

The Relaqua week at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay, led by Nik Linder from 11.04. to 18.04.2024, invites you to explore the art of relaxation and conscious breathing. This programme, developed by Nik Linder, an experienced world record diver, author and the inventor of Relaqua, does not focus on freediving per se, but rather on using techniques from apnoea diving and breathing yoga (pranayama) to promote deep relaxation and mental calm.

In this special week, you will have the opportunity to learn various breathing and relaxation techniques aimed at taking a break from everyday life and offering you an oasis of calm in harmony with the sea. The workshop, which is offered in both German and English, is a perfect opportunity to understand the basics of breath control and how these can be used to improve your wellbeing.

The participation fee is 390,00 EUR per person. Information on the price of the instructor course is available on request.

For detailed information and to enroll, you can contact or directly.

This week promises not only a break from stressful everyday life, but also an introduction to a practice that can sustainably improve your quality of life through relaxation and conscious breathing.