Sardinia 2024

Sardinia has awoken! Our ORCA Dive Club Sardinia has been open again since 15 April 2024. We look forward to welcoming diving enthusiasts and exploring the underwater world together. Come and dive into a new adventure!

As every year, Silvia and Alfredo are the first in our team to prepare everything for the new season. Our aim? To offer you the best possible service! The Zodiac is ready and looking forward to exploring the breathtaking dive sites around Santa Teresa Gallura with you. Come and join us for another great diving adventure!

Sardinia is easy to reach – whether by car via the ferries to Olbia or directly by plane to Olbia Airport. From there it is only a 60-minute drive to Santa Teresa Gallura. We offer a wide range of accommodation options on site: Many bed & breakfasts are located within walking distance of our dive centre. There are also campsites in the immediate vicinity. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel will find numerous attractive options in and around Santa Teresa. Come and enjoy the hospitality of Sardinia while you look forward to breathtaking diving adventures!

The diving season in Sardinia is precious and fleeting – it only lasts until the end of October. After that, the island falls back into its well-deserved hibernation. Take the opportunity to explore the breathtaking underwater world of Sardinia before the quiet of the low season returns. We look forward to accompanying you on this magical journey!

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