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Diving Course

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Diving Course


Diving fun can begin from the age of eight. The SSI Scuba Ranger and Explorers programmes are specially designed for children. If you just want to try out whether diving is for you, you can book a taster course in the Try Scuba Diver programme.

The “Open Water Diver” course offered by SSI leads to a globally recognised certification, a diving licence. The VDST bronze diver exam (CMAS*) can also be taken. ORCA Dive Club offers a refresher course for those who have already completed a course, have not been diving for a while and still feel a little unsure about returning.

SSI Scuba Ranger and Explorers

Can children learn to dive? Yes, there are special SSI programmes for children from the age of eight. There is special, child-friendly equipment and the maximum depth is two metres.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Content and process: Basic theoretical course, 1 taster dive in the sea, maximum 2 meters depth.
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 8 years old

Try Scuba Diver

Diving – yes or no? A “Try Scuba Diver” taster course can help you make this decision.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Content and process: A short theory lesson – explanation on the equipment,1 dive in limited open water.
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 12 years old


The preliminary stage to become a licensed diver. The course allows you to dive within a limited scope in company of a diving instructor, dive guide or assistant.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: 1st Day: Swimming test, dives in limited open water, theory, work through the review questions (quiz). 2nd Day: Dives in limited open water, open water dives at the house reef, theory work through the review questions (quiz), final exam & certification.
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 10 years old

Upgrade Scuba-Diver

You completed the Scuba-Diver and discovered your love for diving? This two-day course enables you to achieve the grade of fully-fledged Open-Water-Diver.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: Theory, pool and 2 open water dives
Voraussetzungen: Scuba-Diver

Open-Water Referral (SSI)

Do you have some diving experience, but you don’t have the necessary certification? Your abilities will be tested in a compact course and at the end you will be certified as Open-Water-Diver.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: 4 open water dives
Prerequisites: Theoretical and practical previous experience, medical certificate to attest fitness for diving

Open-Water-Diver (SSI)

With this 4-day course, you will achieve a classic scuba diving certification which allows you to dive all over the world.

Duration: 4 days
Content and process: Theoretical course (5 modules), 2 days learning diving skills in limited open water, 2 days completion of 4 open water dives.
Prerequisites: Swimmer, at least 12 years old, an extra course is on offer for children aged between 10 and 12,medical certificate to attest fitness for diving.


If you haven’t been diving for a while, then we are happy to offer you a refresher course.

Duration: 1 day
Content and process: A pool lesson, a dive
Prerequisites: Diving license

Certification and Manual

70 Euro are charged for teaching materials and certification.

Diving courses

Diving courses are offered by two large training organisations CMAS and SSI. The range of courses includes taster sessions right up to professional entry level. All diving centres offer courses in various languages and also always in German.

CMAS: International governing body for scuba divers. The German Diving association VDST is a member of CMAS. The training levels range from one up to three stars, the VDST-equivalent is bronze, silver and gold.

Scuba Schools International (SSI) is a worldwide operating and certifying commercial training organization for divers.

ORCA money-back-guarantee

Diving is fun! We are enthusiastic divers ourselves and firmly believe that you will experience the same and successfully complete your beginner diving course! We are so sure of this that we even give you a money-back guarantee. If, contrary to expectations, you find on your first day of your beginner course that diving is not for you, there is no charge for the course. If you pay in advance, we will be happy to send you your money back.

Take this opportunity – you can only win! This guarantee is only valid for ORCA Dive Clubs.

Nitrox course incl. Manual/Certification

Nitrox, a word that you hear a lot nowadays, but why? Simply stated the advantages that Nitrox offers us divers are many. The higher oxygen content not only increases your safety but also your dive time.

The level 1 Nitrox (32% O2) programme will explain how to use Nitrox effectively to maximize your safety and reduce the risk of nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness.

The level 2 Nitrox (up to 40% O2) programme see’s you planning your future dives to increase bottom time. The Level 2 programme is also the prerequisite for participating in rebreather and technical diver training.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Content and process: 1 Theory module, 1 Dive planning module with explanation of how to calculate oxygen exposure (Level 2 only).
Prerequisites: min. 15 years old, Open Water Diver


SPECIALTIES increase your experience, knowledge and fun factor in advanced and addictive forms of specialized diving like wreck, deep, drift, night and many, many more.

The possibilities are endless, and SSI’s unique and flexible approach to Specialty training allows YOU to tailor make your diving experience for maximum enjoyment. Select the specialized forms of diving that interest you, combine them with another and then go diving to receive SSI Advanced Diver Level ratings. Gain experience, knowledge and recognition whilst maximizing your safety and enjoyment with SSI Specialty Diver training.

We offer courses with different SSI-Specialities in two or three dives.

SSI Advanced Adventure Diver

A practical course without exam which requires you to tackle five different diving challenges.

Duration: 2,5 days
Content and process: 5 practical dives
Prerequisites: At least 12 years old, SSI OWD or equivalent

SSI Stress and Rescue

This course enables you to take responsibility for other divers, to evaluate and master situations adequately.

Duration: 2 days
Content and process: Exercises from beach and boat, theory between the exercises about 5 hours
Prerequisites: At least 15 years old, SSI OWD or equivalent, First aid certificate (no older than 2 years)

Certification fees and manual

For certification fees and manual will be charged 70 Euros. For Specialty courses the Certification fee is 45 Euros


Upon request, it is also possible to do your Divemaster training. This will allow you to guide groups and to assist during training.

This course is the prerequisite for all of those who want to have a career as a diving instructor.

The course runs for three weeks and requires a completed rescue diver course and a first aid course with CPR, medical assistant training or similar.

Before the course starts, it is necessary to have an in-depth discussion about duration and content of the course, since it is set-up individually.