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Hurghada – Red Sea / Egypt
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History and Philosophy

At the end of the 1980ies, the small fishing village of Al Gardagha began its development to one of the largest tourism centres in the Red Sea. Today it is known as Hurghada. Scuba divers played an important part in the quick boom, as they were among the first to discover the advantages of the Red Sea. Volker Clausen was among those pioneers; in 1991, he opened the first ORCA Dive Club at Hor-Palace in the south of Hurghada.

Four years later, ORCA moved to Safaga. This move initiated a significant change. From then on, the company started to grow. Initially, additional diving centres were added along the Red Sea coast. ORCA was one of the first companies who developed diving in the deep south of Egypt with a diving centre in Hamata.

ORCA Dive Clubs worldwide

The company ventured into more exotic regions by opening the Orca Diving Clubs in Grand Baie on Mauritius. In Santa Teresa Gullera on Sardinia, ORCA opened its first diving centre in Europe.

With two diving centres on Bali and one on the Lesser Sunda Islands on Flores, Indonesia has become the second important pillar for ORCA Dive Clubs after Egypt.

New dimensions for divers

The philosophy of ORCA Dive Clubs is to give scuba divers a high quality and above all safe diving experience. This also means opening up new dimensions for divers. ORCA Dive Clubs has been one of the pioneers for technical diving in Egypt. It is our declared objective to make this demanding form of diving accessible to as many divers as possible. This can be seen during Silent Week, one of the largest rebreather events in the world and also with the Rebreather-Akademie.

Dive sites change – ORCA remains

If you are a scuba diver or a tec-diver – at ORCA our top goal is that all our guests, no matter where in the world, experience exciting, safe and diverse dives. The only aspect that is going to be the same at all the dive centres is the ORCA Dive Club service.


25 years are the solid foundation of the international company Orca Dive Clubs. With locations in Egypt, Indonesia, Mauritius, Oman, Cape Verde Islands and Sardinia, the Orca Dive Clubs offer attractive targets for anyone. The market and further open targets offer a growth potential which offers opportunities for investors.

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Existing or planned diving centres have the opportunity to join the ORCA Dive Clubs and to secure the advantages of the established network and know-how to optimize the base operation and economic success.

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