Regulations of CDWS Egypt

In Egypt it is mandatory to have either a diving medical examination or to fill in a medical statement on site.
If you have a valid diving medical examination, you still have to fill out a medical statement on site.
Up to the age of 40 years a medical certificate with 2 years validity is sufficient, over 40 years only with 1 year validity.
A medical examination on site is necessary in the following cases:
– Without a valid diving medical examination for questions that are answered with YES in the medical statement.
– with a valid diving medical examination if surgery has been performed within the last 12 months
– With a valid diving medical examination if prescription medication has to be taken and is not listed in the medical statement.

You can download a medical statement form from our website.

Another requirement of the CDWS is the carrying of a signal buoy. Every diver diving independently with a buddy team must carry a signal buoy.
When diving with a guide, only the guide must carry a buoy.
If you do not have your own buoy, you can rent one from any of our ORCA Dive Clubs.

Setting a signal buoy should also be practiced so that you can react correctly and quickly in an emergency situation. Our guides and instructors will be happy to show you how to use a buoy correctly.