A tradition is being continued, a top-class event, the 13th Rebreather Event in Egypt, this time at the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay, from 17 to 27 June 2024, the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay and the old TEC giants Uwe and Andy await you, and the locations in Soma Bay will convince even the biggest sceptics of the new venue.

In addition to day boat trips, Soma Bay offers Zodiac trips and house reef diving (also suitable for CCR). The Breakers Hotel is right next to the ORCA Dive Club and offers culinary delights and a feel-good atmosphere that no guest can resist. The newly designed rebreather room offers plenty of space, the filling station is located in the marina, and there are electric cars for transporting not only tanks and equipment but also diving guests, while Soma Bay also offers accommodation to suit every taste with other hotels such as Sheraton, Kempinski, Robinson and Cascades, and for those who would still prefer to stay in Safaga, a free shuttle there and back will be provided.

Offer for rebreather divers with their own equipment:

5 days diving (boat) including bail-out tanks, oxygen, T-shirt and an “all you can eat” BBQ.

490,- € excluding helium and lime (incl. 14% VAT and 10% amusement tax)

Extension day boat 75,- €, extension day house reef 45,- € each including bail-out tanks, oxygen, VAT and amusement tax, excluding helium and lime

(In the past we could offer a price including lime and helium, unfortunately this is no longer possible, as the prices are not calculable due to constant price increases).

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