Nik Linder back at ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay in December 2022

FULLY BOOKED – dates for 2023 are following

Meet the Champion – Nik Linder from 01.12. to 08.12.2022 at the ORCA Dive Club Soma Bay

Meanwhile also for Nik a welcome home and home game in Soma Bay.

The Freediving SSI Instructor Trainer and multiple record holder will give you an interesting insight into the world of freediving. Since apnea diving is one of the deepest forms of meditation, Nik Linder combines the teaching of yoga, meditation and non-breathing in his program.

Participants can look forward to the following program items:

– time diving

– breathing techniques

– Time, distance and deep diving

– Pressure equalization workshops

– Deep diving at the buoy and 3D freediving, boat diving and much more

Course price EUR 390.00 per course per person

Bookings and further information via:

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